Senior Ski Discounts—Are They Worth It?

I started this website as a type of retirement plan. I’ve been using it as something of a “vision board”–something I use to look forward to my eventual, inevitable, elusive retirement. As I get closer (again—I’m not there yet), I’ve been doing some research on the types of financial breaks senior citizens receive. As it turns out, us old folks can save a lot of money on lift tickets just by, you know, being old!

American ski resorts aren’t known for being generous. In fact, a single-day adult ticket at some of the big resorts—think out in Colorado or Wyoming—can cost you over $100. Now, when I was younger, this type of ticket would run around $50 at the maximum. Sometimes I can’t believe how expensive the sport has become. This just makes my eventual retirement and transition into “old age” that much more exciting. I asked a question in the title of this post: Are senior ski discounts worth it? To be both blunt and enthusiastic: Hell, yeah they are.

In general, senior ski tickets are priced at the same rate as child/teenage tickets. Sometimes, the prices aren’t very generous. At Vail, for example, a senior ticket is just $10 less than a regular adult ticket. The savings are a bit better at Telluride ($20 less), but senior tickets at Snowmass are a whopping $50 less than a regular adult pass. The same is true for Winter Park and Copper Mountain. I never thought I’d say this, but… I’m happy to be getting old!

So, what’s the deal with these generous prices, anyway? Is it that they think I won’t be able to take full advantage of the mountain? Have I already paid my dues, both literally and figuratively? To be honest (and I can’t believe I’m saying this), I don’t really care. As long as the savings and senior specials keep coming my way, I’ll be happy to accept the generous lift ticket discounts. Now I just have to hit that age!