Rent Skis in Lionshead Village

If you are staying in Lionshead Village in Vail Colorado rent skis in Lionshead Village. It is not efficient for you to rent in Vail Village, Golden Peak, or anywhere else in the Vail Valley. Ski shops in Lionshead Village in Vail Colorado offer multiple rental ski packages for beginner skiers, intermediate skiers, advanced skiers, and expert skiers. Vail ski rental shops also offer rental skis for variable conditions such as powder skis, racing skis, all mountain skis, and telemark skis.

When renting skis it is important to provide your accurate height, accurate weight, accurate skier type and accurate shoe size if you are renting ski boots. If you provide inaccurate information, it can negatively affect your skiing experience. Your skiing performance will not be at top level for you to perform to the best of your ability. If you do not feel comfortable in your equipment, express this to the Vail Ski Shop you are renting from and they should provide you with better fitting equipment.

The most important piece of equipment is your ski boots. If they do not fit correctly, you will not ski correctly. That being said, many of the Vail Rental Ski shops have expert boot fitters. They will help find the correct boot for your feet matching comfort, performance, and your skiing ability. Some of the boot fitters will ask you to test the boots by skiing one run, coming back into the shop and describing how the boot performed. If there are issues, they can solve the problem on site. This type of first class service is not available at all Vail Ski Shops in Lionshead Village, nor is it found in your local ski shop that is not on the mountain. Many of the Lionshead Vail Ski Shops are just a few minute walk to the Eagle Bahn Gondola or the Born Free Ski Lift. This is a one of the many luxuries you can find in Lionshead Village.