Our Top Ten Favorite, Fastest, Steepest Ski Runs

We’re not the only ones out there with a Top Ten list of this kind, but we thought we’d put our personal spin on it. And nobody has exactly the same list as us, either. We know; we double-checked after the fact. And, hey, look. We know there’s no such thing as a definitive Top Ten List. Numbers and mountain stats always only tell part of the story, conditions change from day-to-day and hour-to-hour. Then there’s your own personal experience and perspective to consider. But all that said, we couldn’t help put together this list of favorite been-to and want-to places from around the United States.

Corbet’s Couloir (JACKSON HOLE, WY)

You have to resist the panicky urge to stop when landing into a chute after a huge drop-off at the start of the run. After that, a powdery run becomes your reward as the slope widens out.

West Face KT-22 (SQUAW VALLEY, CA)

The West Face and Chute 75 in particular has a great combination of seclusion and intense thrill-seeking fun. Some parts of this terrain and the deep snow make this one of the most challenging runs we’ve seen.

Flux Capacitor (SNOWBIRD, UT)

I admit, this is something of a stand-in for this resort and ski area. This chute has cliff drops and a high-speed ejection into the Cirque. It’s a signature spot in a terrain known for heart-pounding downhill slopes.

Christmas Chute (ALYESKA, AK)

This is a 1,000-ft. nearly 50-degree chute that is one of the steepest runs in some of the most extreme terrain in the country. Worth the time and money to make the voyage and get access.


This run has a little bit of everything. A tight and tree-lined trail generate frozen walls of snow and surprisingly steep sections that make this a truly exhilarating world-class ski run. 

East Wall Chutes (ARAPAHOE BASIN, CO)

This experience starts out with bootpacking your way to the East Wall ridgeline at Araphoe Basin. It’s worth the extra effort. In fact, you’ll want to do it a couple times to find your favorite descent line.


This 55-degree run is the steepest manmade ski run in the entire country, and how can you not ski a run with such distinction. And the particulars don’t disappoint, either, with every jump and turn providing another thrilling drop. 

Tuckerman’s Ravine (WHITE MOUNTAINS, NH)

This intense, isolated run isn’t affiliated with a ski area, it’s so famous on its own that it brings a good number of skiers to its slopes each year. You’ll find 55-degree steep slopes and 25-foot drops.


First, like a lot of the most extreme runs, you have to find this one first. But once you do, you’ll be treated to some of the steepest and tightest tree-lined skiing we’ve found.


Steep, long, and challenging….our favorite kind of ski run. It’s deceptively steep and fast in many places. One of the most intense thrills we’ve found skiing in the eastern U.S.