Gear for the Rippin Skier: Downhill Skis

When it comes to the best Rippin skis, things are even more complicated. Just like other kinds of winter sports gear, there are quality downhill skis and then there are high-performance downhill skis. Just like other kinds of skis, there are an endless  variation of trusted brand names with a seemingly endless collection of models, and then there are local custom ski shops in which cost and quality are managed by smaller scale production—but which can still yield some of the best products available.

To a certain extent, there are also fundamentally opposing forces at play—even when you’re just talking about something as simple as speed. Longer, heavier skis reduce air resistance and are therefore faster in theory, but as most skiers know, this doesn’t account for the ability to also maintain your speed through a turn. Thus, in part, ski technology has always been about finding the right balance, while also deploying design, materials, and coatings that help in multiple contexts.

Enough with the basic, you say? Looking to learn about some of the latest products and trends? Keep in mind this is sponsored content and there a bunch of great Rippin-ready skis out there, but this gives you a good idea of what you can expect to find: