Gear for the Rippin Skier: Bindings

Here’s the good news: You don’t need to buy fancy or super-nice bindings to go downhill. Traditional alpine bindings will get you where you need to go, and get you there fast as it were. But as you might suspect, it’s a more interesting case than that—and with a lot more choices. Even skiers that are primarily concerned about speed frequently choose another type of binding.

Alpine touring bindings, for example, have been especially popular over the last few years and essentially a basic alpine binding with the added ability to attach to the ski and thus climb or skin up the mountain. Tech bindings are similar to touring bindings except they’re designed to be extra lightweight and to release their weight on to the ski while skinning. Frame bindings are the final kind of binding and are just what they sound like—a binding that’s permanently attached to the ski. More than just the basic type of binding, you’re probably looking for a brand and a model and the perfect fit for your budget.

Rippin Skier Bindings Resources

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