About Rippin Skier

This is something of a retirement plan, or maybe just a hedge against becoming restless once I quit my day job. I’ll be honest with you. For the longest time, I never wanted to start a blog. At least not about skiing. Why write about it when you can be doing it? I mean, I know some people who would say that’s what summer is for, but I always tell them that they don’t seem to understand that when it comes to seasonal recreation, you can use all four seasons.

Yet, as I get older—I’m not there yet, I’m just saying—as it gets easier to imagine getting older—I wonder if that same mentality will apply. Why write about it when you can be doing it? In other words, in a retirement home, I can’t see myself blogging about bingo or penny poker, but maybe, just maybe I can get some kicks writing about what I can no longer do. Or who knows maybe by then we’ll have bionic limbs and steel-reinforced joints. So just in case they decide to offer some online blogger the opportunity to try out the latest geriatric ski technology or whatever it is, I’ll be near the front of the line.

Still, I know enough about how life and the Internet works to know I can’t actually wait that long to get started. So I’m going to post some early content and build it up over time. I figure even if I only post something once a month, I’ll eventually have a foundation from which I can launch a serious online destination for everything to do with high-speed, high-thrill skiing.

This is me, Rippin Rick, at Snowbasin.