A Skiing Dream

I go through spurts of remembering my dreams vividly and not remembering my dreams. I awoke this morning and quickly remembered my dream and it significantly energized me so I’m sharing this with you in hopes to energize you!

I’m not exactly sure what mountain I was skiing at, but I remember people telling me to go straight over the lip and then bank hard to the right where I will catch some air and then follow everyone into big mountain turns the rest of the way down. It was an overcast day, yet the lighting was perfect and the snow was fresh and fluffy. As I approached the lip not being able to see the run, I knew it was steep with a great pitch and I banked to the right and caught air. I tucked a bit in the air and landed perfectly. I then turned left but instead of continuing the turn, I straightened out and bombed down without turning increasing my speed in a killer straight-line move!  As I finished the run, I realized I was being filmed and I saw my buddy, Larry Feathermore. I also saw the skis I was bombing down on which were The Jah Loves of course!  We then skied over to the next lift where I changed my skis and stepped into my new favorite skis.

Ok…so the dream is just a dream but no doubt an awesome vision into the future which is not so far away. The snow is coming. I was thinking about spending some time in Vail this weekend to learn more about all the available Vail Ski Rental shops so we can incorporate them into our new Vail Ski Rentals page. The weather is looking a bit nasty with rain and snow in the forecast and I’m thinking about just hanging in Golden to enjoy the remainder of the nice warm weather we have.