Where Is the Snow in California

Got some turns in this past weekend at Kirkwood and it was great to be out on the mountain.  Kirkwood is beautiful and vast.  They have some good steeps and certainly have a plethora of extreme skiing opportunities.  It definitely can be described as gnarly in much more than 1 area.  There are tons of natural chutes, a huge scary looking cornice, and lots of areas to catch some great air.  It’s a natural winter wonderland, a natural winter playground.  The skiers and boarders are serious at this mountain and that is a good thing.

While it was great to be skiing again this weekend, especially watching my kids ski, I realized that is it March and there have been very few powder days here in California, again!  This is 3 seasons for us being out here and the snowfall has been weak at best.  We get it, we can’t control it and global warming is the reason for no snow.  Well, I’m not sure about that last statement about warming, but I am sure about the first that mother nature is the ruler.  While we toast and pray to the snow gods regularly, it is just not working.  While this is frustrating, and I miss those powder days of chest deep and waist deep, I still found myself having an amazing time simply accepting that it is what it is and we certainly made the most of it skiing nearly 12,000 vertical feet in a day.  Sure, we could have skied more, or less, but that was a good amount.

The snow was nice and soft.  The sun was strong and bright.  The air was crisp and clean smelling.  We are in California skiing and having multiple bluebird days is not so bad.  So where is the snow in California?  We do not know.  We just will continue to toast and pray to the snow gods.  And perhaps things really do come in threes and if so, this is the final year of the weak seasons.  If so, then we expect next year to be an amazing year of skiing with unbelievable conditions so deep we need a snorkel!

Be sure to check out our new section on technology and let us know about your best ski technology!  Until next time, keep praying for us out here in California…please!!!

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